Climate-related Displacement and Human Security in South Asia

Susan Chaplin | Institute for Human Security Working Paper | April 2011

Issues:Climate change, Marginalisation

Climate-related displacement is one of the key challenges facing South Asia in the coming decades. Although there is considerable debate about the salience of the term ‘climate refugees’ and extent to which climate change is a primary cause of forced displacement, there is no doubt that large numbers of people are already having to cope with the impact of environmental changes on their livelihoods and everyday life.

Transatlantic Dialogue on Climate Change and Security

Issue:Climate change

On February 25, 2009, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) launched the “Transatlantic Dialogue on Climate Change and Security”, funded by a grant from the European Commission, with the purpose of analyzing the impact of climate change on global security and stability.

Crude Calculation - The Continued Lack of Transparency Over Oil in Sudan

Issue:Competition over resources

Persistent calls for clear and transparent information on Sudan’s oil revenues have yet to yield satisfactory information, says a new report published by Global Witness today. With a referendum on independence for southern Sudan just days away, oil sector transparency is now more important than ever to preserving the fragile peace between north and south.

New Report on Alternatives to Militarisation in the Indian Ocean

Issue:Global militarisation

In the Lowy Institute's latest Strategic Snapshot, International Security Program Associate Ashley Townshend explores the strategic dynamics between China and India in the Indian Ocean.

Teaching Religion, Taming Rebellion? Religious Education Reform in Afghanistan

Issues:Global militarisation, Marginalisation

In this Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) Policy Brief, Kaja Borchgrevink & Kristian Berg Harpviken explore claimed links between Taliban militancy and religious education in Afghan and Pakistani madrasas.

Access the report online at the PRIO website

The New Faces of Violence and War: Peace and Security Challenges


In this recent article, Mariano Aguirre, Director of the Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre in Oslo, examines the complex and unpredictable challenges to peace and security.

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Development in Lao PDR: The food security paradox

Issues:Climate change, Competition over resources

Tags:climate change, food security, human security, Lao PDR, SDC working paper

Food security will remain out of reach for many people, especially women and children, in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, or Laos, if the country continues to emphasize commodities and resources development at the expense of the environment and livelihoods while ignoring global trends for food and energy. Read more »

Arms Flows and the Conflict in Somalia

Issue:Global militarisation

A new SIPRI report highlights the limitations of United Nations attempts to control the flows of arms into Somalia, and the role of potential arms-supplying states.

A Study on the Inter-Relation between Armed Conflict and Natural Resources

Andrea Edoardo Varisco | Journal of Peace, Conflict and Development | October 2010

Issue:Competition over resources

The article investigates the inter-relation between armed conflict and natural resources and its implications for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.