A Study on the Inter-Relation between Armed Conflict and Natural Resources

Andrea Edoardo Varisco | Journal of Peace, Conflict and Development | October 2010

Issue:Competition over resources

The article investigates the inter-relation between armed conflict and natural resources and its implications for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Since changing the natural and geographical characteristics of natural resources is almost impossible, the article argues that conflict resolution and peacebuilding policies should be aimed to reduce those political, societal and economic situations that, if inter-related with the presence of natural resources in a country, can affect armed conflicts. The analysis discusses how the presence of natural resources should be addressed during the resolution of a conflict and should be considered during the post-conflict peacebuilding phase. Finally, it tries to identify how international actors can have an effective role in conflict resolution and peacebuilding when natural resources are at stake.

Article source: Journal of Peace, Conflict and Development

Image source: Tim Pearce