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National Security and the Paradox of Sustainable Energy Systems  | Phillip Bruner

Causes of Conflict: A Strategic Perspective on US-Sino Relations in the Caribbean | Serena Joseph-Harris

The Global Land Rush: Catalyst for Resource-Driven Conflict? | Michael Kugelman

The Climate Security Council? | Joe Thwaites

Conflict, Poverty and Marginalisation: The case of Curvaradó and Jiguamiandó (Urabá, Colombia) | Amira Armenta

Assessing the Security Challenges of Climate Change | Obayedul Hoque Patwary

Human Security and Marginalisation: A Case of Pastoralists in the Mandera Triangle | Abdul Ebrahim Haro

How the Competing Security Needs of Caribbean Community Members have Crystallized Through Multilateralism and Consensual Decision-Making | Serena Joseph-Harris

Mano Dura: Gang Suppression in El Salvador | Sonja Wolf, Univesidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Hot and Cold Wars | James Lee

Environment, Energy, Economy: A Threefold Challenge to Sustainable Security | Phillip Bruner

Arma Virumque Cano: Capital, Poverty and Violence | I R Gibson

Perpetuating Uncertainty: Trident and the Strategic Defence and Security Review | Tim Street

Climate Funding: Creating a Climate for Conflict? Insights from Nepal | Janani Vivekananda

Military Aviation and the Environment: Why the Military should care | Ian Shields

The Other Resource Wars | Roger Howard

A Spoon Full of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down? An analysis of the Obama administration’s ‘new’ National Space Policy | Jo-Anne Gilbert

Why START is only a beginning on the long road to nuclear disarmament | Andrew Futter

The UK and the NPT: Rhetoric, simulations and reality | Tim Street

A New Approach to Ballistic Missile Defence in Europe? Demystifying the End of the 'Third Site' | Andrew Futter

Climate Change, Conflict and Fragility: Understanding the Linkages, Shaping Balanced Responses | Janani Vivekananda

Swimming Upstream to Sustainable Security | John Sloboda