Youth, Peace and Sustainable Security

To mark United Nations International Youth Day 2017, ORG’s Sustainable Security blog has commissioned a series of articles exploring this year’s theme – youth in peacebuilding. This series will continue through the year.

The global youth population is the highest it has ever been, representing great potential for global innovation and economic growth. Yet in several parts of the world many young people bear witness to war and the participation of some in conflicts has meant many states have often seen young people as either perpetrators or victims of violence. This attitude overlooks the important role that young people play in transforming violent conflicts.

With UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth Peace and Security, the international community has begun to recognise the potential of young men and women to serve as effective peacebuilders. This provides hope for the future of international peace and security.

This article series shows how young people are playing a crucial role building peace in societies across the globe and explains why the international community’s empowerment of youth peacebuilding initiatives should continue.